Family Photo Gallery                     

 The are misc. photos that granddaddy has taken over the past few years with his new digital camera

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Covered Deck at Nonnies

Don Short Dog & Max

GD's Koi

Gail Grilling

Grilling on the patio

Gailyn @ Tiff's

Sitting on the floor at Trent & Tiffs house in Houston

Gaironn & Ryanne

At the park in front of Tiff's old house. It was Jackson's birthday party.

Gaironn Poole

In a cowboy hat.

Gaironn & Dave

At their apartment in the Woodlands.

Gaironn, Dave & Chloe

At their appartment in the Woodlands

Granddaddy Tiff & Jackson

In the livingroom on Christmas 2000

Grandaddy's Koi Pond

Out the Gate!

Nonnie Dave Gaironn Jackson Trent & Gailyn going out the back gate at Tiff's new house. (Going to Starbucks or Blackeye'd Pea!)

Jackson & GD

Jackson Kerr Hanna & GD

Jackson & GD

At the park front of Trent & Tiffs House

Jackson Hanna


Jackson playing with a horse from India that Don Short brought back.

Mike at the desk

Working on his computer tower..... again.

Mike at GD's

Working on the computer at GD's

Nanny Nonnie Jackson & Trent

Birthday party for Jackson.

Nonnies Covered Deck

A little 'add-on' for the plants when it gets cold. Plus it's nice to have coffee under a canopy on some days.

Trent & Carlie

This is the 'preferred' position of transport!

Trent & Molly

Relaxing in the chair.

Trent's Staghorn

Trent showing off his Staghorn fern from GD.

John Marcus Poole

Home from school for Christmas 2000

Mike & Trent

Looking at family pictures on a new CD.

Tiff & Jackson

Christmas 2000 at Nonnies

Trent & Tiff

Standing at the Koi pond (yr 2000)


At the Koi Pond after Graduation from A&M with a Marine Biology degree. That's a blow up dolphin from GD.