A list of the lost and missing from all locations

September 11th  Memorial Garden


  It's just a feeling you get deep in the pit of your stomach . . .   


    We all heard about  the plane that flew into the World Trade Center then watched glued to our televisions as yet a second plane flew into the other tower. It was too much to believe, yet the story did not stop there or even slow down. Next a plane had reportedly crashed near the Pentagon in Washington D.C.. Was this a coincidence? Then another crash in Pennsylvania. We all came to grips over just what had taken place over the next few days and how to deal with it. To Margaret & Neal Poole doing volunteer work in the Conservatory at the Beaumont Botanical Gardens this was weighing on their minds and Neal began to throw out ideas as how to best memorialize these people lest they be forgotten. First the idea started out as just a simple little plaque placed in the gardens with the words "The Pentagon, World Trade Center & Pennsylvania. September 11th 2001" . After talking about it with others there who also shared his feelings and thoughts the plan began to grow. Grow it did, it spilled over into the community and is slowly becoming a reality that will do proper justice to those who died so tragically on September 11, 2001. The memorial will be built in the shape of a pentagon with red, white and blue flowers, in the center will be marble towers representing the two WTC towers and the New York skyline. 

The following picture albums are work in progress.....

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            The Site . . .

This is the artist's concept of the proposed Memeorial

Here is a scale model of the Memorial made by Margaret & Neal Poole from the drawings

Sharon Odegar on TV promoting the idea

Odegar with the model

Whitman with the model

This is the site just after the trees were removed

Bob Whitman working on clearing (Bulldozer is really running too!)

The ground is almost ready

Being in the middle of a golf course MANY balls were found during the clearing. Here Bob holds a handful.

After clearing a surveyer's tape was strung around the location

            Tom Sullivan, NYFD . . . hero

Pictures of Firefighter Tom Sullivan from New York at the Garden Center

Tom is a firefighter stationed on the fireboat across from the WTC. When the disaster happened he was called to aid, for 3 days straight. He uses cutting torches in his art and was called upon to help cut away debris, he collected a few pieces of the wreckage and made the artwork below to be displayed in Beaumont's memorial.

The limo arrives with our hero of the day

The NYFD Fireman arrives by Limo

Sullivan walks in like a soldier home from war

Tom Sullivan sitting in front of the Memeorial model answers reporters questions about that fateful day in New York

Margaret & Neal Poole, with just an idea this all began!

Webmasters Note: Disney started with just a Mouse!

Tom Sullivan telling about the events on September 11th

Sullivan posing with shovel

Ground breaking was held indors due to weather

Ryanne Poole asking for an autograph of a hero

Ryanne Poole proud to have Tom Sulivan's autograph, one she will share with hre classmates

Everyone getting autographs

Tom Harkin with model

Harkin & Lampson

Sullivan & Whitman

Boyscouts & NYFD

Congressman Nick Lampson

Jack Binks, Mary Bundy, & Gail Poole

Margaret Poole, Mary Bundy, & Gail Poole

Bob Whitman

The Twin Towers sculpture made from a piece of 'I' beam taken from the rubble by Tom Sullivan and presented to the Garden Clubs for display.

Sculpture of the "Twin Towers" on display ant the Binks Horticultural Center

Webmasters Note . . .  It has taken many people's effort to to see this through, there are many heroes. I would like to thank  Tom Sullivan for taking the time to appear at the ground breaking ceremony and I would like to thank restaurateur Tom Harkin for asking the question "How much do you lack in funding?" then donating the balance needed. Thank you Tom Harkin for the boost in getting the show on the road!         MWPoole

Mr. Harkin donated a second flagpole, when told "Mr. Harkin you have donated one already," his reply was "I like flagpoles!"    Thank you again "Poppie."

    Work Progresses . . .

It's beginning to take shape and look like the model! The first mistake was the pouring of the middle slab. The form was laid out in the shape of a five sided figure but NOT a pentagon. The hardened concrete had to be jack hammered out and refinished. Coco the Webdog visited the site for an impromptu inspection and was not happy with the concrete errors and was very suspicious of Bob Whitman. Along the curved entrance walkway will sit a large German Shepard dog representing the rescue dogs that helped to locate victims at the sites.

Bricklayers building pillars

Continuing to lay brick

Bob doing some 'Manual' work with a shovel

Coco the webdog checking out the site progression

Oh Oh! The pentagon was laid out incorrectly! This has GOT to come off. (With a jack hammer)

    President George W. Bush . . .

The president was called at the Whitehouse and invited to attend, it appeared that he would be attending, but later was forced to decline due to pressing matters. Tom Sullivan and another firefighter will make a return trip especially for this event.

    Lost at sea? . . .

Artist in Thailand were commissioned to pour bronze eagles for the front posts. The molds were from a previous pouring and were found and deemed good to use. Once completed were shipped to the United States, the ship is no where to be found and the shipping company has no explanation. The artists in Thailand are producing another set to be air freighted if necessary.

    Next . . . Where's the marble? Late too?

Temporary marble towers will be constructed until the actual ones arrive from India. It is feared the real ones won't make the dedication ceremony.

    The boxes of dirt arrived from each of the crash sites . . .

These boxes are being treated with the same dignity as if they contained the bodies themselves. The dirt from each of the 3 sites will be sealed in separate marble enclosures and marked. These were not easy things to acquire, the crash sites were still classed as crime scenes when we acquired them and  the approval had to be given by MANY government officials all the way down to the coroners. It was a very somber day when each came in, and each container posses an aura about it. You can still hear the echoes ......

    Work Continues as the completion date nears . . .

The site begins to take on a 'finished' look as the deadline nears. The Bronze eagles were found, the ship had blown a boiler and was taken for repairs as all the cargo had to be unloaded. The eagles marked for the WTC Memorial were routed to New York by mistake and had to be air freighted to Beaumont, The much marble has still not arrived and 'substitutes' will be used for the opening ceremony at last resort. The grass and flowers arrives and were set out. Three people will attend that have lost loved ones.

Here's a mid-progress overview

Just a litt more to go

Larege Eagle mounted over the gate

Marble slabs arriving

Marble being set

The Twin Towers and other buildings making up the skyline in honor of the other areas

This is it!

The Dog Arrives and is being uncrated

Ready to be put in the Memorial

Dedication Day Arrives

It was a nice clear Texas day 9 months and 11 days after the disasters and we were about to unveil and dedicate our own September 11th Memorial. It was the first in the nation and many attended, Tom Sullivan returned with Neal King, another fire fighter who was involved that day. Present again Congressman Nick Lampson, the newly elected mayor Evelyn Lord, and a host of other dignitaries. Two families that had lost loved ones in the tragedy attended and were part of the services. Music was provided my the Sympathy of Southeast Texas, Songs by Ray Ward & Max Bowen, and bagpipes played by Jeff Courts.

Music played. speeches made, 21 gun salutes, 3 flags raised and lowered to half mast, it was a time to be proud of our memorial and yet a time for sadness for what had happened to cause this to come together.

Jeff Coats practicing with his bagpipes

Harmony Singers

Tom Sullivan Speaking

Ray Ward & Max Bowen performing

Neal & Margaret Poole

Congressman Nick Lampson

Mr. & Mrs Yokum

Sullivan & King

Neal King & Tom Sullivan

South East Texas Veterens Service Group

South East Texas Veterens Service Group

21 Gun Salute

King helping scout with Flag

Bob Whitman about spread dirt and ashes from the sites

New York Fire Fighters say "Let the Shopping begin!"

No trip to Texas would be complete without picking up a hat & some boots!

A few 'T' shirts from Crazy Jose's (T=Texas)

First the Cowboy hat.

Farewell party at the "Plum-Nearly" ranch located Plum out of Beaumont, Nearly in Port Arthur

Dinner at the "Plum-Nearly" ranch

Anyone know how to steer one of these?

Ready to ride off into the sunset

Boots everywhere and not a Nike in the house!

How do these look with the shorts?

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